A soup-to-nuts approach to a complicated industry.

What We Do

Kenzan is a software engineering and digital consulting firm that provides customized end-to-end solutions. But the thing that makes us different isn’t what we do, it’s how we do it.

At Kenzan, our team members understand the bigger context of a project, they continually ask questions and are both curious and agile, which enables them to discover and implement the best technology for each situation.

Our strengths include ideation, architecture, development, DevOps and implementation with a core competency of architecting and developing enterprise-wide solutions. We work with our partners to craft custom solutions leveraging technologies that range from the most advanced to the core fundamentals. If you geek out with the best of ‘em, check out our GitHub page and Tech Blog.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our custom platforms are designed to achieve specific and often complex goals. They’re securely coded, commonly native to the cloud and they incorporate infrastructures such as AWS and Netflix-OSS.  Our team delivers a total front-to-back end solution including architecture, development, DevOps, Dev Testing and Agile Solutions.

Cloud Virtualization

Kenzan enables its partners to migrate data and applications into the cloud.  We do this by helping businesses evaluate and prioritize the existing application space through upfront discovery, followed by migrating systems into the cloud, while sometimes performing updates or rebuilding existing applications. We then work with our partners to help them manage and maintain their own environments.

Application Development

We’ve built tons of custom apps over the years. Examples of our work range from content delivery applications for programmers that provide simple and intuitive access to thousands of assets. We’ve built customer retention apps that inform and enable customer exploration. And we’ve built advertising apps that engage consumers with proven stopping power. 

Consulting Services

The nature of Kenzan’s work empowers the company to cultivate and maintain a broad knowledge base that spans from the fundamentals to the most advanced and cutting edge technologies in the industry. Our people truly enjoy helping our clients identify and game plan solutions to their needs.

Microservices and Containers

Platform Engineering

Setting up the proper infrastructure to meet your specific needs is critical in getting the most out of your Kubernetes platform. Kenzan’s team of certified Kubernetes engineers will work directly with you to understand your specific needs and use our years of experience to establish the simplest solution while ensuring the highest level of quality. Kenzan offers services that include:

- Monitoring Setup
- CI/CD Pipelines
- High Availability and Resiliency
- Federation setup
- Infrastructure automation

Application Engineering

In any good Kubernetes setup, it is important that the custom applications are built to fully realize its benefits. Kenzan’s application engineers are certified (CNCF) and will ensure your custom needs are getting the benefits of every Kubernetes feature and will work very closely with your product owners and engineers through all aspects of your SDLC. Kenzan’s offerings include:

- Architecture
- Development
- Innovation Roadmaps
- Testing Automation
- Delivery Automation


Kenzan can create a detailed training plan and curriculum to ensure that your team has the skills needed to manage and maintain your Kubernetes installation for the long run. Not a typical training that is limited to a classroom, we embed our certified Kubernetes application and platform engineers for side-by-side coaching and acceleration.

Delivery Processes


Our team of strong, passionate technical architects and business analysts approaches the architecture discovery process with an open mind. We listen first and learn from our clients to identify needs and requirements and follow that with the construction and execution of detailed game plans.


Kenzan understands emerging technologies and has a clear vision for when and where to implement them. We are forward thinkers who leverage the best technology (whether it’s emerging or decades old) to simply and elegantly provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients for today and tomorrow.

Development Testing

Development testing is vital to the success of all projects. As a result, our group is deeply integrated from kick off to launch, using manual and automated testing across all stages of the software lifecycle.

Agile Solutions

One of the keys to our success is the way we shepherd projects. We hire people to serve as Agile Solutions professionals who are skilled at having insightful and strategic conversations with our clients. They’re responsible for knowing a product inside and out and for managing a project’s timeline, deliverables, and budget.

Fundamental Delivery Process

Our delivery process is: Requirements Gathering, Estimation, Architecture/High Level Design, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Development Dev Testing, Release Build, Sprint Retrospective, Deploy Monitor