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Charter Lineup Joins Roku

As the industry continues to embrace OTT, Charter takes a significant step

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Kenzan Heads West

Kenzan, a professional services/software engineering firm with deep ties to the media industry, continued its westward expansion this month by opening a new office in Denver’s historic lower downtown (LoDo)district. This move follows the company’s recent establishment of an LA presence and major expansion of its Providence, RI headquarters. These events, combined with the firm’s 10+ year presence in New York City, provide Kenzan with a wide footprint enabling it to actively support clients from coast to coast.

Founded in 2004 by iTV industry veteran Christopher Kilmer, Kenzan has significantly expanded over the past several years as its core competencies of PaaS (platform as a service), cloud virtualization, application development and DevOps have proven to be in demand due to significant marketplace shifts. Examples of these shifts include OTT content delivery and the growing need for cloud based products and services within the media industry and beyond.

Historically known for supporting major media companies, Kenzan has added new verticals to its portfolio this year as many of the digital technologies it uses, including AWS and Netlflix OSS, are being leveraged by progressive media and non-media companies. Per company CEO Christopher Kilmer, “We have been fortunate to support and be challenged by highly innovative clients. The insights, learnings and experience have been invaluable. We seem to be well positioned for what’s happening now and are very thankful.”

Looking ahead, Kenzan anticipates further growth. The firm is currently hiring for all roles and all offices.


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