Netflix Releases New Continuous Delivery Platform – Spinnaker

Kenzan congratulates Netflix on the release of Spinnaker, the streaming media company’s new continuous delivery platform that will enable users  to use a consistent tool to deploy applications and infrastructure to major cloud platforms.  Spinnaker is being introduced to build upon the success of Netflix’s existing Asgard platform.  Unlike with Asgard, users will now be able to create pipeline builds for deployment to many cloud providers, which represents a significant step forward for all major enterprises interested in using cloud native architectures.  Check out Spinnaker here (

Kenzan, the professional services/software engineering firm that has long embraced the cloud and Netflix OSS stack, is proud to be working with Netflix and Google team members in support of this release.  Kenzan has contributed a framework for Spinnaker packaging, installation and startup leading to a simplified user experience, provided testing and feedback for AWS as well as AWS public images.  Click here to learn more about other Kenzan open source projects (

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